How to Connect to Wi-Fi


The method of connecting to wifi needs to be updated. After the "Tuya" app was updated recently by the official APP provider, the user manual and quick guide in the package have a low success rate of connecting to Wi-Fi. Please refer to the following steps or the latest user guide on the product page to connect to Wi-Fi.


(1) Open the APP

(2) Click "Add Device"

(3) Click "Small Home Appliances"

(4) Click "Robot Vacuum(Wi-Fi)"

(5) Connect 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and enter pass-word and click Next 

(6) Long time press the "Auto Cleaning" button and the "Spot Cleaning" button - WIFI light flashes slowly and you will hear a voice prompt"Network Connection via Hotspot"

(7) Click on the upper right corner to switch to "AP Mode", and click Next

(8) Click "Go to Connect"

(9) Connect the device's hotspot on the mobile phone WLAN page (The name of the device's hotspot is "SmartLife-XXXX" or "SL-XXXX")

(10) While the device's hotspot displays "✔", go back to the app and continue

(11) After a while, the connection will be successful.