About Us

Who Are We

Founded in 2015, FourAmZ is an innovative company pursuing cutting-edge technology and product function innovation. We have been focusing on the smart home products industry and committed to discovering the innovative feature. Since we set up our company, Our R&D team has insisted on taking the consumer experience as the guide, specializing in the research, development, and production of smart products that make people's lives more enjoyable, allowing everyone to feel the power of technological innovation and live a smart and comfortable life.

Our Philosophy

"Make Housework Simple and Smart" is our most basic understanding of the product. To ensure that every customer could enjoy the favorite and high-quality household products is the philosophy of FourAmZ. On the one hand, housework is no longer a burden; on the other hand, it saves a lot of time that we spend on housework chores and allows you to spend more enjoyable time with your family on weekends.

Our Vision

The service tenet of FourAmZ is to continuously obtain five-star reviews on our products. Meanwhile, through meticulous and professional research, our R&D team will try our best to solve the pain points of every consumer as much as possible and strives to bring all of our customers the most satisfying shopping experience.